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Sorabh Pant

  • Choosing humour as a way of life

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We are still suppressing our giggles and holding our stomachs. We now understand how the ROTFL emoticon was created (the floor is fine, thank you). If you are weak hearted, be warned!

Stand-up comedy has come of age is India. Are we still among the ‘developing nations?’ Uhmm….yes. but just like India is almost there so is Indian comedy.....

Ranked among the top ten funniest men in the country, Sorabh chose comedy because he couldn’t become a lingerie model! And that is the last of his lines that we will be borrowing.

So if you have a funny bone, it won’t be enough. But good writing will help you stand out as a good stand-up artist (We aren’t Sorabh so the pun is just bad language).

As Indian audiences mature, comedy as a genre is being accepted more widely. Sorabh believes that while money may not be as easy to come by, things are changing for the better. He has had his share of lovely and not so lovely audience feedbacks and thanks Star World for bringing comedy to Indian homes and helping the masses understand a good joke.

Sorabh is also turning an author, he is writing a book inspired from his frequent accidents. Prerith will bring you more details…

So grab your beer mug and laugh through Prerith’s hilarious chit chat with the funny man. (If you hear weird laughter noises through the interview, forgive us. Our production crew couldn’t hold back either!!)

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